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La´Cor (Cordula) [GER]

Lin (Linda) [NED]

Lin started singing and writing songs at a young age. She joined a cover band as a guitar player and vocalist whilst playing a variety of pop and rock songs. In 2010 she’d started working together with her brother 'xam' who’s producing trance songs on Vectiva recordings. And so on she came in contact with Vectiva. As from now, her voice is already to be heard on several releases including “Mnemonic”, “Twenty5”, “Another Day” and many more to follow!

Cordula is a german vocalist. She started singing in a group of friends as background singer. One day she was discovered by the same group and got a place to sing a solo part in different projects. Cordula uses her voice with maximum range. Thats why she trains her voice at every chance.She met Luca de Maas for their first project together "Never Ending Misery" which was finally released by the german Terminal 01 Recordings.This was also the beginning of her career as La´Cor.

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